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Multi Generational Travel

Family life has changed drastically from what it was fifty years ago, even from that of ten years ago. Families are smaller, usually both parents work, and grandparents may be working longer too. So, other than holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, getting everyone together to spend quality time can be problematic. And as we all know, holidays can be stressful too.

The solution? Multi generational vacations! These are fast becoming the popular way to unite two and three generations for that quality time together. Instantly you are thinking that doesn’t work for your family – the children would have no interest in sharing all their time with the grandparents (and let’s be honest, neither would you), and your whole vacation would disintegrate into a series of negotiated activities so everyone can do a little of what they want to do. This does not have to be so.

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Cruises Are A Great Option

Probably the best option for this type of travel is cruising. Your travel professional will know exactly the right cruise line or ship which will serve all ages well. Many lines have age-specific programs for toddlers to teens, exciting activities for mom and dad, and enrichment activities for the grandparents. (Of course nowadays the lines are blurred and the grandparents may be more active than their children!)

Some cruise lines such as Norwegian have a more luxury-based section on their ships (The Haven) where the older generation can chill in style and comfort with extra perks while the children and grandchildren reserve regular staterooms and enjoy more energetic pursuits. With Royal Caribbean’s mega ships having such a large range of activities from simulated sky diving and surfing to cooking lessons and crafting, no one is at a loss for something to enjoy.

Even river cruise lines have gotten into this market. Uniworld, the epitome in boutique style luxury, now offers family based cruising on select voyages, and AmaWaterways™ has teamed up with Adventures by Disney®.

With everyone staying all in the same area (the ship), the family is free to share and engage in as many activities across the generations as they wish – or just meet for meals to recount the highlights of the day. No cooking, washing dishes, making beds, or picking up toys! On the other hand, the wealth of opportunities to make long lasting memories is almost endless. Imagine biking through the German countryside with your grandchildren, shopping with Mom in the Christmas markets, or the whole family swimming in the Caribbean surf, or enjoying an ice theater or magic performance at sea.

So if lack of quality time with your family has gotten you down, drop by or call your  travel professional, Tracey, today to discover the wealth of multi generational vacations that await you at sea and on shore.

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